What We Do

Community work groups which focus our energy and attention on specific groups of people who experience inequality.

If you would like to be part of any of these work groups, email info@coalitionforsocialequity.org or call 570-231-4575.

Columbia Montour Pride

Cultural and Religious Alliance (CARA)


Racial Equity

Women in Action

Youth and Family Outreach

Our Steering Committee includes about 20 community leaders who meet monthly to guide the work of the Coalition.

our Town Lunch exchange

We are excited about this NEW program that brings Community members and Bloomsburg University students together!

About Our Town Lunch Exchange

Community members and Bloomsburg University students sign up to have lunch together. The Community member initiates the first lunch in town (host pays). Then, the Bloomsburg University student invites the community member to lunch with them on campus. Bloomsburg University will provide each student with extra meal pass to cover the community member's meal.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Coalition for Social Equity randomly pairs hosts and students and sends an email introducing them to each other.

Step 2 – host follows up by sending their assigned student an email asking about dining preferences and best times to meet:

    • What do you like to eat. Anything you don’t eat?

    • Any restaurants you are curious about?

    • Agree upon a good day and time to meet

    • Exchange phone info and agree to notify each other if you are late, lost, or need to cancel

Step 3 – meet for lunch in town

Step 4 – meet for lunch on campus

Step 5 – after that’s it’s up to you!!!

Ready to be matched?

If you would like to participate, please complete the form below:

*Please respond by Wednesday, March 4th if you are interested!

Conversation Starters:

    • Tell me about where you grew up

    • Tell me about what you’re studying

    • Tell me about your family

    • Tell me about your interests

    • Tell me about why you came to Bloomsburg University

    • Tell me about your experience there

    • Tell me about your experience in Bloomsburg


This non-partisan community program is safe for people of color, LGBTQ+ people,women, people with disabilities, people of all faiths or none, people of all political points of view, and any other individual interested in respectful engagement.